Pony Parties / Hire  Price Guide 2014

Email ~ mitchellparkstud@bigpond.com or phone 0414565872

Rainbow Pony or Donkey Hire ~ Rainbow Pony Parties supplies all equipment and safety equipment for the pony party.
                                            Full Public Liability insurance is included with all of our services.
Helmets ~ we use helmets for the safety of the children riding. No helmet no ride.
The ponies only require a small flat area to walk (minimum 4 square metres); driveways, footpaths, roadways, parks etc can be utilized. Please ask us to assist you with permits for council areas. Our insurance policy number is available when booking your party.
 Rainbow  Pony Parties has more than one team of ponies so we can be in more than one place at a time.
In hot weather we do require shade for our ponies comfort; we can provide our own shelter, so you may need to advise us about the facilities available.
Our hot weather policy is 38 degrees and above (via channel 7 the night before) ~ we will cancel at our discression. A full refund is available with our cancellation for weather difficulties. We may refuse a ride to any person with no reason required.
Party themes are our specialty ~ they are FREE. We also love to play games and have hair styling with the ponies if time permits.
Please respect our booked time as we may have another party after yours is completed.

A travel fee applies for over 40kms (maximum $50 (or at our discretion) within Adelaide) this fee can be absorbed within our costs with multiple choices of combinations ~ please ask for your special quote. Rainbow Pony Parties is not registered for GST*

One pony per hour per 12 children (allows one 5 minute ride each ~ however we fit many rides for each child into an hour) is recommended for a small to medium pony party.

We are happy to combine the pony party / face painting / balloon twisting and bubble magic ~ just ask for your special quote.
(1) one pony or donkey ~ 1 hour $285  / (2) one pony ~ 2 hours $450 ~ including one pony handler (3) two ponies ~ 1 hour $300 ~ $250 per hour thereafter ~ includes 2 pony handlers (a supervisor can be provided for an extra cost of $25 per hour)
 "Special Deal"
(4) two ponies ~ 2 hours $550 ~ 2 pony handlers  
(no (4) **(apprentice glitter tattoos or bubble magic  free 1hour ~ max value $65)**
EXTRA PONY ~ $50 per hour (up to 6 ponies available)
Daisy the Donkey ~ (1) $300 for the first hour, then $250 per hour thereafter     ~ she always comes with a friend  
(2) $50 per hour (with a pony party attendance)
Daisy can not be ridden ~ she is a pat and cuddle donkey. Daisy comes with carrots and brushes for a fun time with her own attendant.
Please ask us for your special quote if you require more ponies or hours for your party. 
** FREE ** ~ birthday card, present and invitations.
Please advise us if you require the invitations to be sent
Rainbow  Face Painting
Full Liability Insurance Included.

Our face painters are professionals within the business and are members of professional face painting associations. They are available for hire separately from the ponies. We recommend 12 full faces per hour.

 $100 for the first hour $80 per hour there after.

Rainbow Glitter Tattoos
Full Liability Insurance Included.

This is contracted to professionals and they are available for hire separately from the ponies.

 $120 for the first hour ~  $100 per hour there after

Rainbow Balloon Twisting, Crazy Hair Styling or Air Brush Tattoos 
 Full Liability Insurance Included.
Fabulous, funky, colourful hairstyling for the day with small designs and attachments to keep for another time. Children love the marvelous naughty time with our hair stylist where they enjoy different colours and hair styling’s that simply wash out afterwards.
$120 for the first hour ~ thereafter $100 per hour.

Rainbow Bubble Magic ~ this service is fully supervised by a trained attendant at all times ~ all equipment supplied.

We have lots of fun with bubbles ~ big bubbles, little bubbles, bubble machines, blowing tools, bubble guns etc all provided within the reach of children on a small table. The children are amazed and excited when they see the huge bubbles we can make and have fun with ~ totally interactive with children learning the art of bubble blowing. 
~ $65 per hour ~ (Only available with the ponies attendance)
Rainbow Apprentice = (A) glitter tattoos
(only available with the ponies) 
Our apprentice is very skilled in the art of glitter tattoos.  
 ~ $65 per hour ~
Please note: The prices above are not considered to be your quote but a guide to your choices. We always aim to give a fair price and be fairly competitive with our competition. Our prices may change without notice. 1/1/12
Please Note* We are a professional privately owned business and are not affiliated with any other business using our business names.

We wish you success with your Rainbow choice of party